Product Release: QuraWAX HD

by Lucas Wiltse | July 27, 2018 | Jewelry, 3D Printed Jewelry | 0 Comments

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Ackuretta is pleased to announce the release of QuraWAX HD, its latest development in castable wax resins. QuraWAX HD is available for immediate shipping!

The wax-based resin has been meticulously formulated to provide premium direct investment casting with zero ash content and clean burnout.



Through continuous testing of QuraWAX HD, we have perfected the features most desired by jewelers including:

  • Smooth features with minimal layer lines
  • No poration or surface irregularities after casting
  • Low degradation of vat coatings
  • Rapid print times
  • No pigments to settle out
  • Resistance to most solvents, including alcohol and acetone
  • Low odor for use in any settings
  • Wide casting window


The demand for implementation of 3D printing technology in the jewelry industry continues to grow exponentially. With many in the jewelry industry facing the need to produce large, fast production volumes, it has become difficult to deploy traditional hand-crafted techniques. The combination of highly-accurate, high-volume 3D printers along with materials like QuraWAX HD has allowed jewelers a way to reach these demands.





Leading these new techniques is the continued development of new resin formulations that offer highly-detailed, smooth-surfaced prints. QuraWAX HD captures the finest of details including filigree meshes, wiring, and imprinted or engraved designs while maintaining rapid print speed and peerless casting performance.


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