Highlights of Ackuretta's Diplo Dual Build Printer by 3D Printing Industry

by Lucas Wiltse | January 30, 2018 | digital dentistry, diplo | 0 Comments

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Taipei, Taiwan - January 29, 2018 - Ackuretta, a leading innovator and manufacturer of professional-grade 3D printers and materials, is proud to announce that Ackuretta has been featured in 3D Printing Industry, a prominent voice in the global 3D printing media. The article highlighted Ackuretta’s soon-to-be released dual build printer, the Diplo and the upcoming automation module. The article further went on to explain Ackuretta’s patented Multi-optical Reflective System (MORS) technology that allows for two build areas to print simultaneously for optimized production.


“A common shortcoming for many users has been the inability to produce at large volumes. The MORS technology launched with the Diplo enables you to more than double the production of mainstream DLP printers while minimizing the costs associated with high-volume 3D printers”

The release of the Diplo firmly establishes Ackuretta as a leading innovator in the industrial-grade 3D printing market. To read the full article, go to:



To discover more about the Diplo and Ackuretta’s full line of 3D printing solutions, visit www.ackuretta.com.


About Ackuretta

 Ackuretta is a leading innovator and manufacturer of professional grade 3D printers and materials for the manufacturing of customized products across a variety of markets. Since its inception, Ackuretta has developed its own hardware, software, and proprietary materials to offer a full end-to-end solution as well as training and support. Ackuretta strives to provide the latest innovations in additive manufacturing at best-in-class value empowering customers and partners across a range of vertical markets. For more information, visit www.ackuretta.com.