Ackuretta to Preview High Productivity Diplo 3D Printer for the Dental Market at ADA 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia

by Lucas Wiltse | October 18, 2017 | dental 3d printer, diplo | 0 Comments

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The Diplo features Ackuretta’s proprietary Multi-Optical Reflective System (MORS) for enhanced productivity, precision, and speed

Atlanta, Georgia – October 18, 2017 - Ackuretta Technologies, a leading innovator and manufacturer of professional grade 3D printers and materials, announced that it will preview its new Diplo 3D printer at its booth at the American Dental Association’s Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia from Oct. 19 – Oct 21. 

The new Diplo 3D printer will be equipped with Ackuretta’s patent Multi-Optical Reflective System (MORS) to deliver mass production capabilities with incredible precision. The new technology will offer dual print areas on one platform which may print different models with different z-resolutions (5-100 micronse) and curing times.  With an expansive build area of (2) x 140 x 78 x 110 mm and the capabilities of the MORS technology, the Diplo provides accurate high-speed printing up to 3 times faster than other 3D printers on the market.

“With the exponential growth of direct 3D manufacturing of dental products / parts an increasing demand has arisen for a new generation of highly productive and accurate printers,” said Ayush Bagla, CEO at Ackuretta. “We are excited to bring more innovation to the dental industry. The Diplo offers a unique combination of speed, productivity, and connectivity features that allow users to expedite digital dental workflows.”

The Diplo has raised the industry standards with a combination of sophisticated technology along with an intuitive interface that introduces new features aimed at flexibility resource control, and increased productivity.


Highlights Include:

  • Multi-Optical Reflective System (MORS) - enhanced productivity, precision, and speed
  • Dual Print Areas – Double the print area and productivity of competitive DLP printers
  • Wireless Connectivity – The Diplo allows you to wirelessly print, upload and manage prints via phone, computer or tablet.
  • Alerts and Notifications – Receive notification when prints have started and completed.
  • Touchscreen Interface – Hi resolution Full-color 7-inch touchscreen
  • Print preview – Preview your prints before printing from your console or browser
  • Open material system – Chose from all the industry leading material providers including bio-compatible materials
  • Auto-calibration – Automatic lifetime calibration for the projector, build platform and vat.
  • On Board Storage - 2 GB of file storage on the printer
  • Compact Design – 48 cm x 48 cm x 49.5 cm 


About Ackuretta Technologies

Ackuretta Technologies is a leading innovator and manufacturer of professional grade 3D printers and materials for the manufacturing of customized products across a variety of markets. Since its inception, Ackuretta Technologies has developed its own hardware, software, and proprietary materials to offer a full end-to-end solution as well as training and support. Ackuretta Technologies strives to provide the latest innovations in additive manufacturing at best-in-class value empowering customers and partners across a range of vertical markets.  

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