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by Meg Kwong | July 10, 2019 | 3D Printer, FreeShape, firmware | 0 Comments

Firmware update-02-2

FreeShape120 firmware v.1.2.0 Released

June 11, 2019 - This release boosts the speed in how the FreeShape 120 commun螢幕快照 2019-06-20 15.07.08icates with Alpha 3D, allowing users to have a much easier and faster workflow between the two platforms.

Boost speed by up to 40%
The new firmware update will advance the production of your FreeShape120 with 40% optimized speed — thanks to the fine-tuning of our slicing software, Alpha 3D.

User Interface(UI) Upgrade
LCD diagnostic function is also made available for self-checking your FreeShape120.


How do I update my FreeShape120?

There are two ways to update your firmware:

  • Via a USB (Recommended)
  • Via the Internet 
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Update via a USB:

  • Please go to our official website:https://ackuretta.com/support/freeshape/
  • Go to Firmware
  • Download the latest firmware, FreeShape Firmware 1.2.0
  • Copy the downloaded file to a USB drive
  • Attach the USB drive to your FreeShape120
  • Select Update firmware from a USB device on the printer
  • The FreeShape120 will update and reboot automatically once the update is complete.


Update via the Internet:

  • Make sure your FreeShape120 printer is connected via Wi-Fi
  • On the FreeShape120 web browser (Please find the IP Address that appears on your printer, and enter that address on your Internet browser. E.g. 192.168.X.X.XXX)
  • Click through the following items on the web browser to update your firmware Settings > Update> Update Firmware online
  • The FreeShape120 will update and reboot automatically once the update is complete.


Users have given their feedback and much of this can be seen on the Ackuretta Facebook Group, be sure to join!

Here is a look at just a few of the great results: 

messageImage_1556598432630 messageImage_1556598360576 messageImage_1556598564380


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