Multilingual GUI and Slicer Software Update Available!

by Meg Kwong | February 05, 2020 | FreeShape, Alpha 3d | 0 Comments

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Ackuretta is constantly working to improve your 3D printing experience with our printers, materials, and software, and today, we are rolling out updated firmware for your FreeShape120 3D printer and making a new version of Alpha 3D available (version 2.0.0).

The latest version of the FreeShape120 firmware gives you the option to set the printer GUI to be in whatever language you prefer. As always, there is English and Chinese, but there is now also French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Malaysian, and Vietnamese. We speak a few languages ourselves, but this was a big stretch for us so we welcome any feedback.

And then there is the Alpha 3D software. As soon as you update to the latest version, you will notice a few of the obvious changes. Your models now open in isometric view by default, and you can see the volume of resin required to print the model. There are other, more subtle changes, and you can be sure that we are continuing to work at making things better for each iteration, ultimately optimizing your workflow. Upgrade now!

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